Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Which is the best Android phone?

LG Nexus 4G

4. LG Nexus 4

The LG nexus 4 is the latest flagship Google phone to be released. The hype around this mobile phone has been rather subdued, though sales have been strong thanks to its highly affordable price tag. There are many great things about this handset – quad core processor, brilliant 4.7 –inch True HD IPS+ touch screen and a stunning 8Megapixel camera. That being said, considering that the Nexus 4 is Google’s idea of the bleeding edge of Android technology – it still lacks 4G support, something which in our opinion is unforgivable.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2

3. Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is Samsung’s most powerful handset on the market. With a massive 5.5-inch screen, it almost looks more like a touch tablet than a mobile phone. The Galaxy Note 2 is a bit of a handful, making it rather impractical in some situations and takes some getting used to. Considering it’s such a large handset, you would expect battery life to be an issue but thanks to the oversized battery – charge will hold for much longer than most high-end handsets out there.

The Note 2 ships with the S pen, allowing you to draw and write notes on the fly – something we found to be highly practical if you are that way inclined.

HTC Butterfly

2. HTC Butterfly

The HTC Butterfly is yet to be released in the UK; currently, it is proving to be highly successful in the USA and Japan. The HTC Butterfly is yet another mammoth handset – though significantly more pocket-friendly than the Galaxy Note 2. The design of the Butterfly is probably one of the sleekest Android handsets of the past few years – said to be modelled on the pristine lines of Lamborghini supercars. With an extremely powerful quad core processor and 4G, the phone handles apps and browsing without breaking a sweat.

Samsung Galaxy S3

1. Samsung Galaxy S3

The Samsung Galaxy is by far the most successful Android handset on the market, showing consumers that a phone can be as flawlessly good as an iPhone without the over-inflated price tag. The Galaxy S3 has proven to be so popular that it saw increased sales during the launch of the iPhone 5. The 4.8-inch screen makes browsing content an absolute pleasure. The user experience is probably one of the best we have seen on an android handset with the 1.5GHz quad core processor allowing for completely lag-free operation. While the build quality of the handset isn’t up there with the likes of the HTC One X+, it’s one of the most polished handsets on the market.

All these are fantastic options for those wanting an Android handset, though in our opinion, if you’re after a simple, well-sized and very powerful handset – the Samsung S3 is probably the best option. If you want to upgrade before the end of your contract, selling your old handset online over at is always a good solution.