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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Nexus 4 surfaces for sale on Best Buy


The Nexus 4 has just popped up for sale on Best Buy’s site under T-Mo’s on-contract pricing of $199.99. Now if you’re eyeing to have the contract free device, you can have it for whooping $599.99. This leaves you to sign for more compelling 2-year contract of the new Nexus 4.

It’s not most likely a direct Google and BestBuy partnership, as Google has its store at Google Play to have the device for sale but most likely the partnership where from T-Mobile to have BestBuy resell the new handsets on its part.

Knowing that most people are willing to pick it up on BestBuy stores for convenience, we’re still hoping that Google will have its supply sorted out to have the Nexus 4 be widely available on its store.

Source: Best Buy