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Top 3 best value free SIM cards for tablet devices

Free SIM card tabletIt’s a sign of the times that mobile user habits have shifted from PayG to contract tariffs. Fifteen years ago consumers wanted to better control their mobile phone spend, perhaps because mobile phones were seen as more of a luxury item. Today things are quite different. Take a look around you, seeing people transfixed by their smartphone is a common sight. The convenience of not having to top up your mobile phone is a great advantage to regular users.

But convenience comes at a price, especially when we really need has become an essential part of our lifestyle. However this also means that the power shifts to the network. With the continuing success of handheld internet devices like the iPad mini, Kindle Fire and Galaxy tab 2 it looks like there is a new device to further shape our internet usage habits. Until these become permanent fixtures for most people; tablet devices will remain a ‘nice to have’.

The nature of handheld devices like those mentioned above is that they’re really useful for a quick consultation of your favourite cookery website, or to see what’s on TV this week. It’s far quicker to find information, send an email or even Skype with a smaller portable device than it would be to boot up your computer.  A really good way to instantly get internet connection for your device is through free SIM cards, especially if you’re not too keen on having another direct debit leaving your account.

A great way to manage your bills is to get yourself a free SIM card because that way you’re better able to keep an eye on how much you spend each month. Here are my top 3 best internet free SIM Cards currently available to UK customers.

GiffGaff £7.50 GigaBags

For a measly £7.50 customers are given 1GB of free mobile internet data. Having seen what the other UK carriers are offering, this is by far the best value deal currently on the market. The 1GB of internet data is twice as much as you’re given with other networks. This is a package specifically for tablets as you’re not given talk and text time, but the 1GB offer is immense.

Free SIM cards with Vodafone freebee rewards

Text and Web: A plan targeted specifically for internet usage. With a £10 top up you get 500MB of mobile data and 300 texts for free. This superb value offer is ideal for people that want internet access on an ad-hoc basis. There is an additional sweetener in that with each top up customers get a ‘freebee rewardz’ in the form of points that can either be used instantly to get spot prizes like free music downloads or discount vouchers for high-street retailers. Save up your points for grander prizes including Samsung Galaxy S3 phones, TVs and even a microwave.

Three Mobile £15 add on

This fantastic value offer with Three gives you 3GB of internet access to use within a month for £15. If you’re looking for a package that will cater for your internet craving but don’t want the guilt pangs of how much it’s costing you then this is the option for you. Admittedly you have to top up £15, which is in the region of what most people pay for home broadband, so this option is certainly for the internet addicts out there.

With Christmas just around the corner some of you may be thinking of buying a loved one a tablet, and pre-loaded free SIM card would add a touch of finesse to an already special gift. Whatever the case may be, it pays to shop around, but you’ll be hard pushed to find three more competitive deals on the market right now.

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