Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Sponsored Video: TomTom Navigational App for Android

So basically this happens to you, situated on remote area with no cellular signals to give you the right directions when you’re relying on your smartphone’s navigational app as it relies on data stream to give you the accurate map positioning. Now, that’s not a problem anymore –if you have our Android smartphone with you with TomTom’s Nav app that can work online and offline. Check out the video after the break the video, on how you can do the robot dance —-for the availability of this app on the latest Android smartphones.

The thing is you can save hassle and time getting on to the right place at the right time along with savings it can give you from roaming costs. Online or offline, the navigational app will still give you constant access to the same maps and technology that commonly you’ve experienced before if ever you’ve used TomTom’s satnavs.

It will be optimized for most of the popular Android smartphones, such Samsung Galaxy SIII, HTC One +, Samsung Google Nexus, HTC One +, Sony Xperia S, HTC One X, Droid RAZR and other devices.

You can now download TomTom Navigational app on the Google Play Store here.

If ever you’ve used the TomTom satnavs and nav apps, how well it’s compared to other Android apps that you’ve used and devices? How can you relate the known satnavs to this application? How well it’s in terms of interface, user friendliness, plotting accurate positions and directions? What other applications can be fared on this app that offers same functionality, savings and efficiency?

This post is sponsored by TomTom.