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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android apps could help save money on car insurance

Best Android AppsUntil recently, smartphones and cars weren’t exactly compatible. Making a phone call while driving is illegal, but it’s  now possible that motorists can use their phones to help see whether they’re a safe driver. New apps for Android phones have been developed to help young drivers monitor their speed, braking and cornering, all of which determine how safely and cautiously they drive. These apps are seen as being a vital tool for any motorist looking to save money on car insurance too.

To get cheap car insurance from, it pays to be a safe driver. Insurers are known to charge potential customers less if they can prove they’re careful when on the road. The reason for that is if a motorist is careful, they’re less likely to be involved in an accident, less likely to claim and as a result, will cost their insurer less money. The new apps are seen as a vital tool for any frugal motorist.

Developed a couple of months ago, the two apps in question are also cheap to use, providing a better alternative to so-called ‘black boxes’, and require no expensive equipment to be installed, something which will come as a relief to many car owners anxious about being charged more for car insurance. Some believe that these apps, if perfected, could be useful for insurers as well as drivers, as they could save money too through a reduction in the number of claims.

While this development is generally good news, some critics believe that such apps may persuade some motorists to manipulate the results by giving their phones to someone they know who drives more safely. Also, some believe that take-up of such apps might not be so high among young men, who may be targeted by insurers to use them. However, initial feedback from those who’ve used them is positive.