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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Sponsored Video: Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to change the future of education

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

 With the recent study which foresees the impact of tablets on the future of education and its dramatic growth among students, Samsung teamed up with the Institute of Play on developing an innovative new way to educate the next generations of students.

Institute of Play is non-profit design studio consists of a team of designers and learning practitioners founded back in 2007 at NYC. Samsung picked the firm to develop and innovate while utilizing the advance mobile computing technology of Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with its outstanding features like the S-Pen, S-Note, Quick Note and other productivity tools.

The video above shows how interactive and fun the way students learn with the use of the tablet, furthermore it enhances the learning experience far from the classic classroom setup. “Institute of Play to adapt Evoquest, the game featured in the video, for the Galaxy Note 10.1.  In EvoQuest students choose genes to evolve creatures that can adapt to a changing environment.  The students in New York then went on an augmented reality search to send eggs to help the students in Chicago deepen the gene pool of the creatures in their game.”

Pearson Foundation survey last March 2012 shows some valuable data about tablets and education:

  • 46-percent of current tablet owners plan to have another tablet within the next six months
  • 90-percent college students and high school seniors believe tablets are valuable for both education and personal purposes
  • 66-percent of college students believe that tablets help them study more efficiently
  • 64-percent believe the tablets help them do better in class
  • 70-percent of college student have read digital textbooks
  • 77-percent of college students believe tablets greatly enhance the leaning experience

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