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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Some pointers for taking good photos on your android phone

For the majority of android users, taking photographs using the digital cameras that these devices now have installed has become a part of everyday life. However, while many users just want to be able to take quick snapshots of themselves and friends on nights out, others are keen to improve their skills and learn to take really good photographs using their mobile cameras and – bearing in mind a few helpful pointers – this is entirely possible.

Android Camera Phone

Make judicious use of flash

Hopefully the camera in your handset has a flash function, as this will greatly help to compensate for bad lighting; but if you really want to learn to take good photographs then you will need to consider lighting issues rather than relying solely on the flash to get you through. The fact is that pictures where all the light is provided by the flash do not look natural – mainly because most camera phones don’t allow you to point the flash at anything but the main object you are photographing.

Think about framing and composition

Again these issues do not matter if you are just taking snapshots, but if you want to take better pictures, you need to consider what you want to capture and how to do so memorably. The tricky part is that the viewfinders in some mobile cameras display the entire image that will captured, whereas others only show the centre of the eventual image. If the latter is the case with your camera, you will need to adjust your framing accordingly.

Keep the limitations of the camera in mind

You will get better results if you remember what your phone camera can and cannot do, with most of the cameras in android handsets, and other great value mobile phones for that matter, not being great at capturing fine detail from a distance. Therefore, unless you are specifically aiming for an unfocused image of that sort, you would be better to consider shooting things closer in and prominently placed.