Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

ComScore: Android and Samsung tops U.S. market share

The multi-manufacturer Android and the ever popular iOS seemed to have invaded the U.S. mobile OS market share which constitute to 52.6-percent and 34.4-percent, respectively, at the end of August according to ComScore. Significantly, the Android gains 1.7-percent only while iOS records 2.4-percent increase for the three month period tally. Apparently, RIM’s stake suffers with considerable downfall of 3.1-percent to 8.3-percent from 11.4-percent in the same period. RIM’s only hope could be the upcoming Blackberry 10 which seemed to have good feedback from those solid Blackberry users. At the end of August, Windows and Symbian both fell off by 0.4-percent which records 3.6-percent and 0.7-percent, respectively.

In the latest manufacturer’s market share for both smartphones and feature-phones, Samsung continued to have a stronghold for the three month period ending August to established a 25.7-percent market share followed by another Korean mobile manufacturer LG with 18.2-percent, though it’s down by 1-percent. Apple also increased its share through the overwhelming launch of iPhone 5. Motorola and HTC also round the top five with 11.2-percent and 6.3-percent, respectively.

U.S mobile phone users text on their phone in a ratio of 3:4, while more than half download apps and use browser, as more have used mobile web design software. Most users have been inclined on understanding the process that have increased the download of apps on their mobile devices.

Source: comScore