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iPhone 5 smokes Galaxy S III in speed tests

It’s not about the number of cores or clock speed frequencies, it’s about the mature compatibility between hardware and software which makes the iPhone 5 as the fastest smartphone available in the market today. This was confirmed from multiple benchmarks to proved its dynamically clocked dual-core A6 processor working with the latest iOS 6 withstand all competitions to tops all performance testing. Samsung Galaxy S III is named to be the toughest competition for the iPhone 5, so how does it fared to iPhone 5, watch the video after the virtual jump.

The performance testing done on the video showcase LTE performance through, under SunSpider Javascript 0.9.1, GLBenchmark 2.5 which accordingly shows the same results, iPhone 5 beat Sammy’s Galaxy S III.

Notable benchmark result would be the GLBenchmark Egypt HD which iPhone 5 delivers on-screen and off-screen graphics performance nearly twice as fast as the Galaxy S III. Significantly, the browser test also follows same trend which the iPhone 5 registers half as low as the GS3.

It’s also good thing to note that it seemed the iPhone 5 is heavily optimized for its iOS 6 as it complements the iPhone’s 1440 battery life to support the processes on 4G LTE for almost same period of a 3300mAh battery found on Razr Maxx.

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