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Sponsored Video: The Artistic Galaxy Note 10.1

Tristan Eaton Galaxy Note 10.1

The IFA 2011 in Berlin introduced Samsung’s first instalment of its hybrid smartphone-tablet device named the Galaxy Note. The mammoth sized handset bridge the thin line between a normal 4-inch smartphone and 7-inch tablet by bringing in a 5.3-inch screen display Galaxy Note who does almost both –that’s why it’s called a phablet. Interestingly, it also includes a one-of-a-kind stylus which is called “S Pen”. Seemed the accuracy of S Pen creates a new distinctive products line (Note) within the successful Galaxy series of Samsung. From the original Samsung Galaxy Note, a much faster and powerful Galaxy Note II and full-pledge tablet Galaxy Note 10.1 was created, basically with its successful sales. So what if that S-Pen was powered by cutting-edge artist Tristan Eaton? The modern art and toy designer threw a party on the roof of his Los Angeles studio to show off the capabilities of the Galaxy Note 10.1 to his friends.  Watch as Tristan shows off the power of the Galaxy Note and the fluidity of its S-Pen.

Tristan Eaton is known Urban Vinyl Toys artist, which at the age of 18 he bags Fisher Price for the first toy he designed. His works can be seen at the Cooper Hewitt Museum and New York Museum of Modern Art. Sammy gave Tristan a Galaxy Note 10.1 to see how he would incorporate the powerful tablet in his artistic crafts; the video above says it all.

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