Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android’s app SwiftKey: if Buying an iPhone you might want to reconsider

Android’s one of the most popular apps SwiftKey will make all iPhone users want to have an Android, so let’s add another line to Android’s side of tally marks. If someone told me that before there was any civilization, before the evolution of mankind, before there were dinosaurs, before a single cell organism, before anything ever existed, even before time there used to live two gods, one of them was called Android and the other iPhone (also generally referred to by many prehistoric people as Apple) and initially they ruled the world fine, but as it happens in most stories, they had their differences so finally they got down to settle them. They threw whatever they had at each other but only in vain, the only thing that was to work was their mutual worldly death and banishment to the underworld. But only to rise again when mankind reaches the pinnacle of its existence in the kind of attire that would help them blend in and camouflage easily. Seriously? With the entire tech world gossiping about the latest blow that either of the two had to deal with making the other look good, or the latest feature that one has and other does not, makes me doubt my virtual existence in this tech world and I don’t mean to be the herald of an apocalypse but the tech world these days seems to me like a group of recently puberty struck teens (don’t mean to give any gender remarks here) with all the time in the world to gossip but not enough to let all these vying parties grow and benefit mutually.


The exceptional predictive text functionality

Anyhow, as we were discussing potentially one of the best Android apps, as fate would have it, it is a productivity app Swiftkey. An application, unlike any other predictive text app in the sense that this one actually works, is an app that tracks users’ individual writing styles and auto suggests the next word. If the promise of amazing functionality is kept, would it not be much easier, simpler and faster to write on a small Android keyboard.

Does it work? Really?

All it takes is spending a few days with the keyboard and the app will already start guessing whatever you are trying to type. Consequently, it’s become a prime factor of differentiation and advantage for Android, which would not have been possible without an open platform like Android ecosystem.

The app is probably the most selling premium app Google’s app store and also shows up in top rankings. It has over a million active users which is a great record for a paid productivity app. Additionally the company works in conjunction with Google while it is seen as one of the top Android developers and paid close attention by Google.

This app is surely one of the must have’s on your Android device and might even be worthy of getting one if you are stuck with a different platform based device. Android already has had the advantage of much more free and full apps on its store than iPhone, but is also known for the ease with which it serves malware like Android spy software, cell phone spy apps, etc. I don’t see the yin yen battle ending anytime soon, but hopefully the future will serve all tech users better.

Author Bio: James Clark has been playing with his words and spinning out one informative piece after another on monitoring software for cell phone along with keyloggers for a while now. His work is about all things technology related, especially when it comes to pcs.