Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

The Android Craze: It’s all about the Apps!

It seems like in the world of mobile phones that some phones garner more attention than others. This trend can occur for a variety of reasons. Not only do specific makes and models of phones gain an almost cult status but so do certain phones that use a specific operating system. Phones with Google’s Android Operating System have become a top choice for many from Given the nature of the Android phones, many wonder what has led to this craze for these devices. It seems that the applications that are run on the phones have helped propel the operating system to the top.

Best Android Apps

The applications used on Android devices have a wide range of capabilities. Many of the attractive apps are utility apps. Many users have found these utility apps to make life not only more simple and organized but simply fun. It seems like the Android applications are why people have developed a following for Android devices.

Another aspect of Android applications is that they provide a lot of information in the palm of your hand. Some of the apps provide such information as maps, mail, weather, reading, music, shopping and more. With so many applications a lot of added value and power exist in Android devices.

Business apps are another reason that Android operated devices have become so popular. Business applications, like all applications, have a lot of variation. The apps can be very general to serve the needs of many business people. The apps can also be specifically designed for certain industries or professions. Some of the apps are calculators to make calculating certain figures easier. Given the top of the line applications for business, it is apparent as to why many business people are moving from traditional business phones like BlackBerry to phones that use the Android operating system.