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Samsung Galaxy S III top-secret design process revealed

Samsung flagship quad-core Galaxy S III has been outed to the crowded world of smartphones.  Today, the Korean-Galaxy loving manufacturer revealed some details of the phone’s top-secret development process.

How the company contained the design’s within the wall of Samsung Seoul headquarter and limit its premature intro?

There are limited personnel who knows that the development of Galaxy S III is on-going, the engineering works are taking place on a secured area at Samsung’s Seoul HQ. Everyone who knows about it is forbidden to disclose any information. The phone prototypes are kept on secured boxes for transportation in and out of the building.

The most interesting about Sammy’s revelation of GS3’s development, was there are three prototypes of the phone were created to further reduce the chance of design leaks. Accordingly, Samsung R&D engineer Woo-Sun Yoon confirmed the use of dummy cases like the one above in field testing, to protect the phone’s true exterior from prying eyes.

“We had to make three types of the GALAXY SIII to prevent the design from leaking. And on top of that, whenever any of these had to go out for testing, we put them inside ‘dummy boxes’, which are cases that hide the design of the device, to disguise it. Even if people, inside or out of the campus, saw the device, I doubt they would have known what it was.”

Talking about the tight security, Samsung added that the “units delivered to mobile operators were transported in person and hand-delivered by its employees, and testing was done under strict supervision.”

Now this plainly explain everything how the final design remains a mystery until just a week before GS3 become official.

Source: Samsung Tomorrow