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Featured: Types of Free Android Ringtones And How To Download Them

Android ringtonesThe sound options available for you to use as ringtones for your cell phone are nearly endless. If you have not yet taken advantage of the opportunity to download free ringtones to your phone, you may feel limited to selecting sounds from the pre-loaded ringtones that came with your phone. These sounds, however, are over-used and rather boring. You can easily customize your phone by downloading funny sounds, songs and more to use as ringtones. Before you take time to find a free ringtone site for your phone, however, you may want to learn more about the different types of sounds available to choose from.


A monophonic ringtone is the most basic of all sounds you can choose from. This is a sound that may play the same note or simple sound repeatedly, with each note played individually. Many of the sounds that are preloaded into your cell phone are monophonic, but you may be able to find additional monophonic sounds as free downloads.


You may also have polyphonic sounds pre-programmed into your phone. These are sounds that make use of multiple notes or sounds. The notes may be played together rather than one at a time, as with a monophonic sound.

True Tone

True tone ringtones are essentially audio recordings of songs, celebrity voices, famous or funny sounds and more. True tone ringtones are among the most common type of ringtones available today, and they may be available in formats like MP3 or AAC.

Sing Tone

A sing tone is a more unique type of ring tone, and it typically is made with specialized equipment or a downloaded app. It creates a karaoke-style ringtone that incorporates a person’s voice along with an instrumental version of a song or sound. In most cases, a backing track, such as the instrumental version of a popular song, is used as a background accompaniment to a vocal recording.

Video Ringtone

This is a type of ringtone that incorporates a video element. Some of the most popular video ringtones are segments of a popular music video. However, these can also be customized by using your own video clips. As with other types of ringtones, these ringtones can be linked to individual contacts in your cell phone’s address book. You may have a video recording of your best friend announcing that he or she is calling, or you may have a memorable music video clip announcing that your wife or husband is calling.

An Easier Way to Customize Your Phone’s Sounds

The sounds that are loaded into your phone’s pre-programmed sound bank are available on the cell phones of millions of others. These are sounds that are easily identifiable and that you may hear ringing on other people’s cell phones while you are going about your day. Many people do choose to customize their phone with unique sounds or even video ringtones. These allow you to identify more easily when your own phone is ringing. Further, when individual ringtones are assigned to each contact in your phone, you can identify who is calling without even looking at the phone. While you can make your own ringtones with apps, an easier to way to customize your phone’s sounds is to download free ringtones.

You can download free ringtones in Canada at This website has an extensive and up-to-date selection of popular and classic music hits, funny sounds and more. Because these sounds are free, you can download sounds to assign to each contact in your contact list at no cost to you.