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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android’s Jelly Bean: All you need to know

Jelly BeanAndroid 4.1 also known as the Jelly Bean is the next Google’s mobile OS iteration to be debuted at Google I/O 2012. Accordingly, there are very limited details about the next OS version, however given the point update prior to ICS Android 4.0 we might expect minor enhancements and the transition should not be as hard like the Gingerbread going to ICS. Now going back from the previous rumors that we have for Jelly Bean, here’s a rundown of the possible enhancements –just after the break.

Voice assistant – Majel/Google Assistant

Previously as we know, Apple launched Siri with the iPhone 4S and Microsoft have just outed a new voice-command assistant for Windows Phone 8. Nonetheless, Google could catch up by launching its own voice-assistant solution with earlier rumors claimed “Majel and ‘Google Assistant’, whichever maybe.

UI enhancements

ICS have already come up with tons of aesthetics upgrades for the OS’s user interface, and we may expect minor improvements on this side, earlier rumors suggested a minor tweak on the search bar found on the home screen.

No more Flash support

Adobe has announced that it will no longer support Flash for Android after ICS, so basically that means no more Flash support for Jelly Bean. However, some claim that the current Flash plug-in will continue to work with JB, let just see when the new OS gets official.

Chrome as a default browser

Since there’s a rumor that Jelly Bean will not support Flash anymore, there’s no reason to keep the Android’s stock browser but rather Google may replace it with non-Flash Chrome browser which has been leaked earlier through screenshots.

Built-in file manager

Rumors suggests a built-in file manager will come bundled with the new Android OS.

Jelly Bean for tablets

Google is about to announce a new Nexus tablet on its I/O event, that’s why some rumors suggests that the new OS’ enhancements mightt focus on or exclusive for tablets. Let just hope that it’ll not be only the company’s own online personal branding and hopefully will also come to update our Android handsets too.

Virtual Keyboard update

Google is said to bring an update on the virtual on-screen keyboard which will bring an easier way to switch from languages and mainly the integration with the voice assistant.

That’s all for now, we’ll try to keep this post updated when the Jelly Bean gets official.