Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Top 5 Music Apps for Your Android

Android is one of the best breakthroughs in this digital age. It has given all smart phone users easy access to all their internet needs. Because of its sleek design and user-friendly interface, many are taken with this remarkable operating system. Aside from games and other applications, there is one aspect that Android is best at – music. And with scores of music applications available for android, only a few shows exceptional uses.

Here are top five (5) music apps for your android providing you the best music experience on your smart phone.

  1. SoundCloud Android

SoundCloud is regarded as the number one audio distribution platform which is known for its ability for artist collaboration and its social element. If you want fresh and original SoundCloud music in your ears or want to share your own creation on the go, download SoundCloud for Android.

  1. TuneIn Radio

If you want a more mainstream music available in your local areas, you can tune in to – TuneIn. With this in your smart phone, you can now listen to your favorite music or radio stations wherever you are. Want the latest hip music? TuneIn will help you find it, since it has access to all radio stations both local and global.

  1. Grooveshark for Android

Have you been using Grooveshark? Fret not. You can play any song in an instant with Grooveshark for Android. Create your playlist full of your favorite music and artists or tap radio stations for more audio selections. If you want more of Grooveshark music, here’s the good news! This music app also lets you listen to music even offline. Pick out your favorite songs; create a playlist and your good to go.

  1. RealPlayer Beta

RealPlayer Beta now has an app for Android. What you can do with your SoundCloud music, you can also do with RealPlayer Beta – share it to social websites. It has more to offer than its social factor. You can also play video and view photos. Even more exciting is its voice search capacity that lets you find your content. That is why it is called all-in-one digital media player app.

  1. GigBeat

Are you into concerts and want to know the latest gigs of your favorite artists? Look no more, since all upcoming concerts and gigs you can already find here in – GigBeat. Dig into the hippest and hottest gatherings and concerts by downloading GigBeat for Android. This app picks up artists on your music library and matches them to upcoming tours, concerts or fan meet-ups. You will never miss a single concert of your favorites when they are in your town with GigBeat.

Whether you want mainstream music from favorite artists or original SoundCloud music from aspiring musicians, know that you definitely have the power to choose. Have control over your passion for music and take it anywhere you go in your smart phones with these Android apps.