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The Galax S III initial benchmark result

Upon the announcement of Samsung’s newest flagship, the Galaxy S III, geeks were quick to assess the beast and compare its result with other contenders (HTC One X) for the throne of the best. The Galaxy S III packs a quad-core 1.4 GHz Exynos chip, 1GB of RAM and Mali-400 MP graphics chip.

Here is the outcome of the tests done on the unit:

Samsung GalaxyS III HTC One X (AT&T) HTC One X (global) HTC One S (global) Samsung Galaxy Note (global)
Quadrant (v2) 5,189 5183 4,906 5,053 3,854
Linpack single-thread (MFLOPS) 51.337 103.77 48.54 103.88 64.3
Linpack multi-thread (MFLOPS) 101.606 214.53 150.54 222.22 95.66
NenaMark2 (fps) 58.8 58.7 47.6 61.0 32.8
NenaMark1 (fps) 59.8 58.6 59.5 60.8 56.6
Vellamo 2094 2350 1,617 2,452 901
SunSpider 9.1 (ms, lower numbers are better) 1709 1,772.5 1,742.5 2,902


It is to be noted that the benchmark is done on a pre-production unit. Hopefully, the numbers would increase once the actual device is launched. But overall, the Galaxy S III has a potential for a bright future.

Source: engadget