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Android App Review: Wunderlist

There are numerous list-making applications for Android. Generally these are pretty simple, straight forward applications, but some truly are better than the competition, and a few are head and shoulders above the rest. Wunderlist is one of these great Android applications for creating lists, arguably one of the best applications for this task that you could install on your phone or tablet. This simple, attractive app is a solid choice when seeking a list app.


Beautifully simple and easy to use, Wunderlist has become a must have app for many Android users. It is as aesthetically pleasing as it is uncomplicated, and it is quite versatile, able to be synced to the Web, your Mac, Windows PC, or iOS device.

Use and Navigation

Before you can use Wunderlist, all users are prompted to create an account or to sign in. Wunderlist needs users to have an account in order for the app to sync the lists on your Android with any other way you access Wunderlist. While obligatory, this step is fast and easy, just a small speed bump to using your new app.

Five bottom buttons make up the controls on the main screen, located at the bottom. Using these controls, you are able to modify which lists or what items are displayed. This allows you to, for example, only view items that are marked as due for today or only view items that may be overdue or marked with a star.

When you start using the application, your main screen will display all of your lists. Adding a new list is easy to do; just type a name for the new list you are making in the text box and press return.

Accessing lists from the main screen is easy; you simply need to tap on the name of the list to be taken to the screen where you can see the contents of the list that you chose. When you reach the screen for an individual list, you will notice that it is uncomplicated and works like the previous screen does. You will see the same text box at the top of the screen, and you will use that box when it is time to enter new tasks.

Editing existing tasks in this area is done with a quick click of the item you would like to change, opening up an area where you can enter a due date, set up a notification, or otherwise modify the item. Clearing items from your list is done by checking off the small box next to the task name.


Wonderlist is just one of many list making apps available, but it is much better than many of the others out there for Android. You will enjoy that it is so uncomplicated, and you will like that it makes managing tasks and getting things done that much easier. Even though there are so many other list tools out there, you should just save yourself the hassle of trying them all; consider downloading Wunderlist and forgetting about the rest.

Written by Barbara, a freelance writer who covers webmaster topics, mac how, social media, android apps, and other internet trends.