Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

A Quick Look at Dolphin Browser HD

While there is indeed numbers of browser available for your android to choose from, Dolphin Browser HD stands out for its unique way of providing browsing experience to user.

Dolphin comes free, with lots of features like:

  • Searching, sharing and navigating using voice command
  • Customize your finger gestures to access bookmarks, browse your favorite site and many more
  • Plenty add-ons
  • Double tap text zoom
  • Tabbed Browsing
  • Easy navigation via sidebar and bookmark organization
  • Browsing with auto-completion and context menus
  • View switching : desktop to mobile or vice versa

If you’re wondering how you can use your voice to do specific tasks, please take a peak on some of Dolphin’s Sonar Commands.

What Dolphin Does What you say
Bookmark Bookmark/Bookmark this/Add bookmark
Go to the bottom of page Bottom of page/Go to bottom
Go to the top of page Top of page/Go to top
Refresh page Refresh/Refresh this page
Stop loading page Stop
Zoom in Zoom in/Magnify
Zoom out Zoom out
Exit browser Exit/Exit browser
Add to speed dial Add to speed dial
Open a new tab New tab/Open a new tab/Add a tab
Close all tabs Close all/Close all tabs
Go to Add-ons Go to add-ons/Open add-ons/Show add-ons bar
Go to settings Settings/browser settings/Go to settings
Go to bookmarks Go to bookmarks/Open bookmarks/Show bookmarks bar
Desktop mode Desktop mode
Android mode Android mode
Switch color themes Switch between themes


With variety of features, Dolphin makes browsing a lot easier and organized. However, don’t get to excited to try all available add-ons and extensions for it may become bloated and affects performance.  While if you’re kinda into fast browsing, you can use mini version of Dolphin which also supports some functionality listed above.

That’s all folks!  Download your Dolphin browser here and be one of its million users.