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Sponsored Video: Samsung Galaxy Note and Angry Birds at Piccadilly Circus

Samsung Galaxy Note and Angry BirdsTired of playing Angry Birds on your smart phones the traditional way? This is what the people from Samsung did to give more fun and excitement to the Angry Birds game. Samsung surprised the people at Piccadilly Circus in London when Angry Birds game was brought to life on a Good Friday. There were people wearing oversized Angry Birds costume heads. They encouraged the people to shout and scream on the Samsung Galaxy Note as a way to play the Angry Bird game on the big screen.

Many people gathered on the area forming a small huddle and they started shouting and screaming while playing the game. The Samsung Galaxy Note was wirelessly connected to the Samsung Piccadilly Circus screen. The louder the shout and scream, the farther the Angry Birds fly across the screen plus the higher the score.

This brilliant idea was formed because of the team up of Angry Birds with the world’s largest electronic manufacturer, Samsung. This was also happened to showcase the Samsung Galaxy Note on the public. The people were invited to try the handset’s functionality. People were also given a chance to see their faces on the Piccadilly Circus screen and give Easter messages together with the Samsung team wearing their Angry Birds costumes by taking photos and videos using the Samsung Galaxy Note.

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