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Sponsored Video: Watch The Angry Birds Space Official Trailer

We’re few hours away from experiencing the new gravity defying, Rovio’s latest installment of the sling-shooting  amongst the stars Angry Bird Space. The company have just released the official game trailer to give you sneak preview of the latest outer space avian egg abduction game. Looking closely, there are new Angry Bird characters termed heroes for their super powers introduced on this latest game installation for iOS and Android. Learn more after the break.

Meet the Lazer Bird from Angry Birds Space

The Lazer Bird, introduced by Samsung, perfectly reflects the personality of Samsung’s GALAXY Note. The bird’s lazer vision resembles the best viewing experience on the crisp and expansive screen and its lazer strike super power the high performance.

New characters, including the Lazer Bird in Angry Birds Space have unique superhero powers to help in their fight against the space pigs and bring their eggs safely back home.

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