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Ice Cream Sandwich Update for Galaxy S II

In October of 2011, the latest version of the Android operating system was released to the world. Many Android devices put out by Samsung have lacked the updated operating system Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. However, this is starting to change. Samsung announced that is beginning to update some of its current Galaxy S II Phone. The first Galaxy S II owner to get this update will be those in Asia and Europe. Also any others who have the international version of the Galaxy S II will receive their update quickly.

ICS for Galaxy S II
Photo credit: Bonnie Cha/CNET News

The first countries to get the update all in the same day were Korea, Poland, Hungary and Sweden. While this upgrade process has been initiated, Samsung did not provide any specific information as to when other countries would get the update. However, typically in Europe and the United States, the process is slower due to the fact that the updates must first be tested by the various carriers before they can be made available to the public. On average this process takes several weeks.

Not only does one’s geographic location play into the availability of the Android 4.0 update but also one’s specific mobile phone carrier. This is due to the fact that each carrier has their own specification for upgrades. Sometimes tweaking must occur to make sure the update is up to par with the carrier’s requirements.

When users of the Galaxy S II do get their Android 4.0 update they will notice some changes. Most noticeably is that no longer at the four Android hardware buttons needed. Instead these hardware buttons have been replaced by contextual software keys. Another change is facial recognition software used to lock and unlock the Galaxy S II. While the Galaxy S II is the first Samsung device to get the Android update, plans are in the works for other Samsung Galaxy devices to receive them as well. Initial mobile phone reviews for the new Android features have been astoundingly positive; stay tuned to see what else Android has in store.