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Hex Strike for Android



Brain & Puzzle


Hex Strike is turn based player verses computer board game by Nanowatt games. A unique game which features 2 types of level “capture as many tiles as possible” where the objective is to outsmart your opponent gain more tiles than they do to win.  The second type of level is “capture the flag” where the objective is to capture more flags than your opponent.



Simple rules for moves. Moves are made with a single touch to an empty tile position.

Pan around the board to see what moves are available (for smaller screens). The rules and how to play are easily available from the menu. A game may be easily restarted or another level chosen from the menu at any time.



Android OS 2.1 or higher, works on any size screen but a touch screen is required.



In both types of level the moves available to the player are the same it’s just the objectives that are different. The player must consider their move before making it otherwise their opponent will gain the upper hand. Players may capture enemy tiles as well as make moves into empty positions. In the early levels the computer player is more easily beaten but in later “capture the flag levels” it can be much harder to beat.


Final Thoughts

A fun game for those that enjoy a challenging thinking game. The rules are simple but the different level layouts makes for some challenging game play.




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