Android continues to grow its share, Samsung remains top manufacturer

ComScore have just released its latest MobiLens report, which highlight Samsung domination of the mobile manufacturers race while Android continues to grow its mobile OS’ market share. MobiLens’ data reveals the U.S. mobile phone marketshare for a 3-month span depicts clearly that Samsung remains the number one manufacturer with 25.4-percent of the total marketshare followed by LG and Motorola with their shares of 19.7-percent and 13.2-percent, respectively. All of the top three shows a slight decline on their marketshare, however this was still fortunate compared to RIM which now seated last with 6.6-percent share. Only Apple saw a 2% gain in the market, now maintaining a 12.8% share.

Android remains top platform with 48.6-percent of total marketshare, up by 2.3% from the last quarter followed by Apple’s iOS with 29.5% of the market. Completing the top five, were RIM Windows and Symbian all saw decline on their respective market shares.

Source: comScore

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