Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Top Mobile Spy Apps for Android

Whether it’s to track the activities of young children or the goings-on of a spouse’s shady behavior, mobile phone spy software is a great way to ensure peace of mind about the whereabouts, communications, and mobile phone habits of child or loved one. There are many competing implementations of this software currently available for a broad array of smartphone devices, like Stealthmate, and it’s worth noting that there are subtle differences between them which may persuade a customer to choose one application over the other. Below are four of the best mobile phone spy software applications, based on features, compatibility, and ease of use.

top mobile spy apps for android

StealthGenie ($8.33 per month)

SealthGenie is perhaps the best option for Android and iPhone owners, as the company proudly brags that their software is the only one which is fully compatible with Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 5. For $8.33 per month, customers are able to track the location, SMS exchanges, geographic location, call log, and even the songs a mobile phone user has listened to. The company’s services are available for users of Apple’s iOS operating system (both on the iPod Touch and the iPhone 3GS, 4, and 4S) as well as Android smartphones and BlackBerry devices.

StealthGenie software is completely undetectable, as indicated by the company’s website. It essentially runs hidden, in the background, while uploading a user’s activity to the company’s website. Details of their activities are then accessible via a web interface and a user-created login.

Mobile Spy ($129.97 per year)

Slightly more expensive than Stealth Genie is Mobile Spy, an application which works in limited ways on iPhones but is fully functional on both Android and BlackBerry devices. The application can be paid for in either an annual or semi-annual fashion, but the company offers no monthly service plan. The annual fee, at $129.97 per year, comes out to just under $11 per month, making it a bit more expensive than the more functional StealthGenie software.

The company does have an advantage, however, in that it offers a “live” control panel add-on where a customer can view a phone’s location in real time. This isn’t included by default with many other software installations and, while it will cost extra, it may be worth it for nervous parents who want to make sure their child is where they say they are — or went where they were supposed to go when they left the house.

FlexiSPY ($149 or $349 per year)

FlexiSPY is perhaps the best option for those who believe their spouse is cheating on them. In fact, the company’s website directly markets to these individuals. However, catching someone cheating is a brief, one-time thing, and the company offers exclusively annual payment terms on both its “OMNI” and “LITE” plans. That’s a letdown for many people, but the company’s services may be worth it.

Users of iOS devices, BlackBerry smartphones, and those phones running the Android operating system, can use the software to spy on text messages, record phone calls, view a phone’s location at certain times throughout the day, and even read emails and instant messages. The company’s software also allows for viewing and tracking a phone’s address book and contact list just in case a suspicious name pops up. FlexiSPY does offer a ten-day free trial on both of its annual price plans, which may be a good idea for customers who are budget-conscious and may only need the software for a few days in order to prove their theory about a suppose or significant other.

MobiStealth ($89.99 to $149.99 per year)

Perhaps the most widely-compatible solution for mobile spy software, MobiStealth is available for iOS devices, Android smartphones, BlackBerry devices, and phones based on the new Windows Phone 7 operating system. That’s a list of devices that the three earlier competitors simply have not yet managed to match. The company’s software monitors text messages, call logs, GPS locations, and even browser history, among other things, for all of the supported devices.

Customer will find that the software is among the more affordable of the four options presented here. The company offers payment terms of three, six, or twelve months at a time, and its prices range from $39.99 for three months of the “Lite” service package to $79.99 per month for three months of the more robust “Pro” service package.

A Good Way to Keep Tabs on Loved Ones

For children who need a good, watchful parent, and spouses who might need to be reminded that cheating isn’t the way to behave in a relationship, mobile spy software is incredibly useful and amazingly undetectable. It can monitor all of the essential information about a loved one’s behavior and locations, and that contributes to greater peace of mind for those concerned about such issues.