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Temple Run for Android gets yet another delay

Some of my friends has been lured on the darker side(iOS) away from the greener one(Android) just because most of the major mobile game titles were introduce first on the iOS platform. And that was true for casual gamer, who’ve been forced by peer enjoying iOS exclusive games for quite some times before it hit the Android space. A perfect example at the moment was Temple Run, that was announced to be released on Android within this month but unfortunately the developer Imangi posted on their Facebook fanpage that they’re still in the final stages of development that would take another week or more to get the app on the Android Market.

We hope to announce a release date soon, but want to be 100% sure first. We promise that as soon as we know, we’ll post here and give you at least a week’s notice before it comes out.

Accordingly, the developers from Imangi also took the opportunity to warn fans of fake and possibly malicious apps claiming to be Temple Run. The warning are for those who opted getting the apps outside the official Android Market.

Imangi says you can only get the game on their official Android Market listing, and they’ll notify us ahead when the app hits the market.

Source: Android Community