Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

MoneySupermarket Car Insurance App for Android

One of the UK’s leading price comparison websites has launched a car insurance comparison app which is now available to all android phone users. 

Designed by the awarding winning digital communications firm MIG, the app has been launched on the back of the success of the iPhone version which was released late last year. The company boasts that it will significantly reduce the amount of time that needs to be invested in the search for car insurance each year; allowing users to retrieve quotes available through over 100 different providers in a matter of minutes.

The most time consuming part comes after the initial download, when you will be required to create a MoneySupermarket user account which contains information about yourself which is necessary in the calculation of car insurance quotes.

This will obviously not be a problem if you already have a MoneySupermarket user account set up. Otherwise questions about the user’s age, gender, occupation, number of years no claims and the area in which they live can all be anticipated.

Information about the vehicle that you are looking for insurance quotes on will also be required; however the company has put a lot of thought into making this process as painless as possible. Users need only enter the vehicle registration plate number, and the app will then automatically retrieve the information about the car which is required in order for car insurance quotes to be calculated. This will include information such as the vehicle make and model for instance.

Once this information has been entered, the app will then retrieve quotes available through all of the insurance providers with a presence on the MoneySupermarket website. Each of these quotes will have a “purchase” button alongside them for users who are convinced that they have found the right deal for them and also a “click to call” button for people who feel that they need more information direct from the insurer prior to making the purchase.

The iPhone version of the app has won many plaudits; winning the Guardian’s consumer app of the week award upon its launch. The Guardian’s Mark King praised the app for its ease of use and functionality, while claiming that it has the potential to revolutionise the new car buying experience by allowing people to retrieve car insurance quotes quickly and easily; even on the a car showroom if you are looking for a new vehicle. Potential insurance prices have become an increasingly large consideration for motorists purchasing a new car in recent years in light of the price increases which have hit the market. As noted by King, this app therefore has the potential to have a large impact on motorist’s new car purchase decisions.

MoneySupermarket’s interest in the market is unsurprising given the increasing popularity of android apps, with telecommunications analysts Ovum having predicted there will soon be more android apps being downloaded than apple apps due to the increasingly popularity of android phones with major players Google and Nokia now ploughing vast resources into the market in an attempt to overcome the popularity of the iPhone.

Although the app is only available to UK residence, it is possible that it could inspire comparison companies in other markets to launch similar apps for their customers in the near future.