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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Instagram for Android coming really soon photo reveals

It’ll not be crowned as the best iPhone app of 2011 if it doesn’t have something special and would become so popular that it has more than 15 million registered users —-needless to say, a great anticipation for Instagram for Android.

According to latest reports, the green-flavored Instagram could be on its way, as revealed by a photo leaked earlier cemented by the man behind the company created the app, Kevin Systrom with his confirmation. However, there’s still secrecy on when Instagram could hit the Android Market.

Looking closely in the leaked image, the photo is said to have been taken on a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and shows a notification for Instagram being listed as a featured application. Unfortunately, browsing through the market, the app isn’t there yet and there’s also no official announcement from By Burn.

Do you think Instagram will also become popular when it hits the Android platform? Hopefully, it’ll be also free when it hits the Android Market.


Source: Redmond Pie