Galaxy 3D Android phone – hot for 2012

This year, as with all others in the recent past, among the biggest selling items in 2012 are certain to be the latest mobile phone models. This market seems inexhaustible in its growth, and the enthusiasm of consumers for the latest models with new features seems equally impossible to sate. This makes the mobile phone market one of the most hotly competed over, amongst the major manufacturers of technology.

A phone tipped to be one of the hottest sellers this coming year is the Galaxy 3D Android phone rumoured to be coming from Samsung. This would be the latest addition to their range of Galaxy model phones and would have a non-glasses 3D capability, enabling Samsung to join rival mobile phone manufacturers LG and HTC in exploiting the ever-increasing market for 3D. The Galaxy 3D is to feature a spec largely similar to the one featured on the massively successful S2 model in the Galaxy range. Essentially this means an LCD of 4.3 inches, dual core processor of 1.2 GHz and an Android 3.3 Gingerbread.

So if the specs are the same as the Samsung Galaxy S2 model, what is there to attract potential users to this latest model? Well, in addition to these, the 3D Android features a host of improvements, including a rear mounted, dual eight mega pixel camera and stereoscopic technology for taking photographs and videos in 3D similar to that found on other 3D mobiles such as the HTC Eva 3D and the LG Optimus 3D. The need for Samsung to maintain parity with its competitors in this area means the Galaxy 3D phone is highly likely to feature the same level of conversion capability from 2D to 3D as that found with models such as the new LG phone, meaning it will be competing with the LG and HTC models for the mobile market in 2012.

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