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App Review: Connector for Android


Puzzle Game (logic)


Connector is a puzzle game with a lot of challenging levels to exercise your brain for hours. The screen is filled with scrambled pieces (each one can have four directions) ready to be connected.


The game concept is very simple: connect the pieces, but do not mix the colors (red, blue, yellow and green). To do that, you can rotate, select and swap pieces from places (these two last only are available for pieces with lighter background).


The game requires Android OS 2.1 (or above) and it doesn’t support devices with QVGA screen (240×320).


The gameplay is similar to games such as Plumber and Scrambled Net (touch to rotate), but innovates by having a color system and the option to swap pieces from places, which makes the game much more challenging.

Final Thoughts

Although it has simple graphics, the game is worth for those who enjoy challenging games, but be careful because some INSANE levels can frustrate you. The free version has 60 levels and the paid version has 320 levels.


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Android Market – Connector Lite

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