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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean coming earlier than expected

In order to regain foothold in the market, Google is reportedly rushing the release of its latest version of the Android OS codenamed Jelly Bean.

The basis could be the unsatisfying results versus the targeted market share where the figures acquired at the beginning of this year depict a horrible scenario of only 1% devices running the 4.0 version where as the Gingerbread is used by almost 58% of the devices. Considering it’s designed to run on both smartphones and tablets while sporting some tempting features and agility to perform well with web based applications.

Interesting pieces of information here, Jelly Bean would be targeted to run on notebooks and tablets utilizing the features of Chrome operating system developed only for netbooks.

Mainly, Google’s is eying the Jelly Bean to be open enough to run on its partners via dual-boot in their tablets. If this will be true, you’ll be seeing Windows 8 and Android on the same tablet —-more fun, if it will let the users for comfortable hot swap, yes –no more rebooting.

The big questions is if Microsoft will let their Windows 8 be capable of dual-booting with Jelly Bean?