Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

10 Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android

Augmented reality in general means a view of the real-time environment directly or in-directly, the elements are augmented by sensory input, such as sound, graphics or GPS. This technology is formatted in the smart phones through camera and 3G connections. Augmented reality apps enhance the perception of the real world before delivering them to the users. Augmented apps have numerous practical use, you will get to know more about them from the below listed 10 Apps.

1. Layar

Layar is a stimulating android app using augmented reality, which enables you to view things around you using the built in camera and GPS of the android. As you focus the camera on a particular object, this app shows information about it. The information is in the digital form called ‘Layar’.

2. Lookator

Wondering around the streets for wi-fi signals? This app may ease your work; Lookator displays strength of wi-fi signals around you as hot spots.

3. Fast Food Reality

When in a rush to grab a meal before or in-between working hours, this app will suit best to you. It shows direction and distance of all the food-joints around you in a real time such as Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Starbucks, and Pizza Hut.

4. Droid Shooting

It is a game in which you have to shoot some imaginary objects crawling on the walls. Works perfect in lazy hours when you have nothing to work for. But don’t try in the presence of anyone else they would regard as mental.

5. Wikitude Drive

This augmented device gives you directions while driving on the road, just focus the camera on the dashboard. You don’t have to use any maps as this app gives you directions using augmented camera view.

6. VouchAR

VouchAR lets you fetch discount in the various store, there are >40,000 coupons in the app which lets you find discount in the local store such as restaurants, shops, bars.

7. Google Goggles

It is an android app from google using AR technology; it gives you relative search results when you click a snap of an object using the mobile phone camera.

8. TweepsAround

Tweepsaround lets you fetch twitter users around using Layar. Install the Layar app before using this.

9. Wikitude World Browser

This app is fun to use and was chosen the best augmented app in 2010. This app checks the surrounding around you, using sensors and camera of the smartphone. When the camera is focused on a particular object, it shows you the information about it. One can discover million places using this app. Like if you type ‘restaurant’, it will give you list of all restaurants around you.

10. Car Finder

Identifying your car in the parking lot seems an easy task but it can hassle you when there are more cars like yours parked in a big parking complex. This app let you identify your car easily.

Augmented app works with the reality world as input to smartphones, these are useful as well entertaining. With the advancement of technology we would see more of these apps in future.

About the author: Ellen Spencer is a blogger and writer. She is a health freak and very environmentally aware. These days she is busy in writing an article on vertical farming. Beside this she loves reading. She is also a big fan of Ural Motorcycle.