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DIY Speaker For Your Android Devices

Thought of listening to your favorite sound track on speaker made by you? You need not feel sad, if you haven’t tried something like this. Here are DIY steps to design a speaker for you. Just follow the simple steps and get ready to rock and roll on your favorite sound track.

Time taken: 30 minutes

Difficulty Level: Average

Material Required:

  1. Scissors ( one pair)
  2. Audio amplifier ( 1 Watt)
  3. A thick can
  4. 3.5 CM/1.5 V speaker
  5. Audio Cable( 1 meter)
  6. Adhesive
  7. PP3 type battery clip
  8. 3.5 mm Audio jack
  9. Soldering iron rod
  10. Sink drainer( average size)
  11. Red tape
  12. A 9 V battery
  13. Wire stripper



To start with

  1. Designing 1 watt Audio amplifier

Step 1. Need to connect the resonator and semi conductor with the help of iron soldering.

Step 2. Now solder the transistor in place.

Step 3. Now it’s time to solder the transistor in integrated circuit.

  1. Designing PP3 battery clip

Step 1. Solder in the PP3 wire carefully. The red wire should be attached to the positive side.

Step2.The back wire should be attached to the negative side.

Step 3.  Attaching a battery to the thing completes the process.

  1. Here comes the audio jack

Step 1. Remove the basic plastic covering on the audio jack.

Step 2. Strip both ends of the cable.

Step 3. Feed the audio cable through the jack.

Step 4. Solder the stripped ends of the audio cable to the audio jack.

Step5. Remember to match negative and positive.

Step 6. The process ends with screwing the audio jack casing back.

  1. Adding speakers

Step 1. Take audio cable and strip both ends of the cable.

Step 2. Carefully solder one end of the audio cable to the 1.5 V speakers.

Step3. Keep in mind the concept of positive and negative.

Step 4. The other stripped audio cable needs to be put in circuit board.

  1. Speaker’s Housing

Step 1. Take a thick can.

Step 2. Insure that the can should be dry from inside.

Step 3. Cut it off 1 cm in diameter.

Step 4. Cut open the can from top.

Step 5. It’s time to place the circuit board to the empty can.

Step 6. Insert some of the audio cable and jack to the hole made on the can.

Step 7. Don’t forget to seal the can with red tape.

  1. Final touch

Step 1. The speaker needs to be hanged form the top of the can.

Step 2. Now used the adhesive on the rim of the can.

Step 3. Stick the speaker well that it holds in place.

Step 4. More adhesive needs to be applied on the edges of the can.

Step 5. Hold the sink drainer on the top of the can to protect the speaker.

Step 6. It’s time to plug the audio jack to the mobile audio device.

Step 7. Play your favorite track.

You can download the full DIY Speaker guide by Yuri Suzuki in PDF format here.

About the author: Ellen is a blogger by profession. She loves to write on technology and gadgets. She can’t live without her mobile phone. Beside this she is fond of Music stands. She recently completed an article on home automation

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