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Counter Strike Now Available On Android Platform

“For all those Counter-Strike players, 2012 promises the coming of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The game will be bringing back classic maps and will be adding something new to them. Of course, expect a lot more maps, characters, and game modes, too.” and it was listed on the top games to be launched this year. And before Global Offensive might hit the floor, the most popular multiplayer First-Person-Shooter game of all time has been released for Google’s Android operating system.

XDA developers have finally succeeded on rooting Counter Strile to Android though right now it’s in the pace of development somehow like “beta”. The Android-loving CS currently runs on two Android flavors with Android 2.0+ and Android 2.3+ which fitted with versions 5o and 6p, respectively.

We can expect the release of full version later on, that may be it’ll be featuring luck for Android tablet gamers.

Check out how the portable version is played on Acer Iconia A100, see video below:

Download Links:

Download Counter Strike for the 50 release.

Download Counter Strike for the 6p version.