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Best Rugged Samsung Galaxy S2 Cases

Despite phones such as the Galaxy Nexus or the Galaxy Note appearing recently, it’s still a known fact that the Galaxy S2 is Samsung’s flagship Android smartphone. With all the tech that they’ve included in this very thin package, it must be a horror thinking that it might be a drop, scratch or dent will ruin this stylish unit. In that case, the best thing to do is to buy your phone a rugged case. And once again, here we are in a dilemma of which ones to get. Some might say that a rugged case will bring in unnecessary bulkiness while others point out that the bulkiness is just the price to pay for protection. Other just want to have a good compromise between the two. So what does actually matter? Well, to help you solve that conundrum, here’s a list of what we think as the top rugged cases for the Galaxy S2.

Trident Aegis Case

Now this may not look as the toughest case for the S2, but Trident is known for their high quality mobile accessories and they don’t disappoint with the Aegis Case. Made from impact-resistant silicone for the corners and hardened polycarbonate for the case exterior, providing ample protection for your phone. The Aegis Case is one of those ample protection packages without the unnecessary bulk. Aside scratch protection, it also provides dust protection though high quality dust filters to prevent unnecessary material for getting in-contact with your phone.. Available in multiple colors.

Case-Mate Tough Case

Case-Mate offers the simply named Tough Case to the Galaxy S2 accessory market. Never be afraid of phone drops or drop tests as the Tough Case is made with dual layers of silicone and ABS hard plastic shell to give you a sense of relief right after using it. While being impact-resistant, the plastic is also flexible enough to not crack or be brittle at the slightest of lateral forces. It also gives you the necessary strength without the unnecessary thickness while still being comfortable to the touch.

AGF Ballistic SG Series Case

At this point, let’s try to go ballistic with AGF’s aptly names Ballistic SG Series. It comes in not one, not two, but three layers of protection. First is the outermost layer which is made from shock-absorbing TPU, then followed by the second later of impact-resistant polycarbonate for your phone-dropping needs. Then finally, is a layer of soft silicone that will greatly reduce the impact force that the phone experiences while still providing cushion. Going ballistic on the corners is also covered by the reinforced Ballistic Corners, ultimately protecting these impact-prone areas of the phone.

PDair Aluminium Case

Not convinced with going ballistic, how about some aircraft-grade aluminum? PDAir does exactly that with their Aluminum Case series. Made from the same material as those huge flying things you ride during travels, this case will definitely give your phone the same level of protection you have when flying. It’s thoughtfully made by having individually cut holes for the controls and ports while not limiting the jack compatibility due to the case construction. It’s also made as a flip-top cover for easy removal and attachment, as well as including clip points for easy wearing on your belt or anywhere while still providing protection with the soft neoprene lining integrated in the design.

QDOS Titanium Case

If you want protection, then probably a case made of titanium would satisfy any damage-paranoid out there. QDOS brings out their Titanium Case that while not really made of actual titanium will still provide durable protection for your precious phone. The thing is actually of rugged plastic that will give you the protection that an actual titanium case would provide to some extent. Only adding 2 mm of thickness to the phone itself would also assure that you wouldn’t get that bulk. Aside from the brushed metal look that will also invoke that titanium feel, the sides of the case is plastered with textured material that would allow secure yet comfortable grip for your every phone usage.

Slimline Carbon Fiber Flip Case

If you ain’t convinced with titanium, well how about carbon fiber — and this time, it’s real. The beauty of carbon fiber as a material is that while it provides strong protection, it doesn’t have to be heavy or thick to do it. This particular case is also in a flip design, meaning that not only does it provide protection for all sides of the phone, it;s also very stylish as well. It also helps that the interior of this case is made of microfiber for the added inside comfort for the exterior protection. So for those looking for that tough, luxurious feel, this is the case for you.

Otterbox Commuter Series

Otterbox is also pretty known for their cases and accessories, so it isn’t really a surprise that they have their offering for Samsung’s top of the line phone. A hybrid of Otterbox’s tough Defender Series and slim Impact Series, this Commuter case tries to bring the best of both product lines into one. This particular takes advantage of the slim form factor the S2 has and sees to it that while adding much needed protection, without being too noticeable to the touch. As expected from otterbox cases, it also provides protection for all the exposed ports while still allowing easy unhindered access to the hardware buttons.