Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Top 10: Best Android Tablets

While smartphones nowadays definitely do more than what they could have back in the day, there’s still one factor that keeps them from being your gadget-of-all-trades for a lack of a better term. That would be it’s screen size. As much as these phones are incredibly powerful, there’s still no replacing the screen estate that tablets could provide. Heck most people nowadays would bring one instead of a laptop, especially with its portability and ease of use. So if you’re considering buying one, then you’re in luck as we’ll try to help you decide with this list of the top Android Tablets in the market today. Here they are in no particular order:

Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime

Clearly, this tablet has its name rooted to those transforming robots of the 80’s, but they might have some merit in doing the name homage. As most would know, this upcoming tablet is the first one to have a quad-core processor running it with the Tegra 3 chipset inside. Read More.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

One of the probable reasons to choose an Android tablet is not getting an iPad 2. And as an alternative to the Apple device, the Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 doesn’t disappoint. Read More.

Sony Tablet S

Sony entered the tablet game a little late but that doesn’t mean that they won’t make any impact to the market. Here is the offering, simply named Tablet S and Sony has made sure that despite being late, you’d consider them when getting a tablet. Read More.

Motorola Xoom

The Motorola Xoom entered the tablet foray on a high note as it is the first one to come preloaded by the tablet-specific Honeycomb OS. It is also the first one to have a dual-core processor, so it is clearly ample for the applications and media of today’s consumer. Read More.

Toshiba AT100 / Thrive

While most of the tablets out in the market are going for the thinner, sleeker look, there are others that define the trend and tend to do the opposite. That’s what Toshiba’s Thrive does — at 15.7mm thick and weighing 771g — some might be turned off by the sheer bulk that this carries. Read More.

LG Optimus Pad

Contrary to rumors prior to its launch, the Optimus Pad didn’t have the 3D display that it was rumored to have. Instead, they gave a 3D camera. Now we know what you’re thinking — is it capable of shooting 3D video akin to the Hollywood flicks of today? Read More.

Acer Iconia Tab A500

So now we’re currently at the 7th tablet and if you haven’t noticed, there’s a marginal difference to most Android Honeycomb tablets out in the market today. In this tight and stiff competition, it’s quite hard to stand out among the rest. The question is, can the Iconia Tab A500 be iconic enough? Read More.

HTC Flyer

For the most part of this list, the 10.1-inch tablets dominate the scene. With that said, we have the HTC Flyer that comes in at 7 inches. Add to that the fact that it only has a single 1.5 GHz core and is running on Android 2.3.3 Gingerbread. So how will the Flyer compete with these in mind? Read More.

Archos 101 G9

Here’s a question… Why do people buy tablets? Is it for doing work-related stuff? Is it for all the social-networking extravaganza? Archos tries to answer that with their 101 G9 tablet. To answer the raised question — it’s all for mobile entertainment. Read More.

Amazon Kindle Fire

After months of speculation, Amazon finally enters the tablet game with their revamped-ebook-reader-now-tablet Kindle Fire. What does it offer on the overly-crowded table? Read More.

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