Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Top 10 Android Games

Who would’ve thought back in the day when the only games on our mobile phones are “Snake” that we’ll eventually play games that we’d normally do on a high-end console? Well, that time is very much upon us and smartphones nowadays can dish out graphics that only home consoles can back then. And while there are indeed more games in the Apple side of things, those in the team Android camp aren’t to be disappointed with the array of games that are present in the market. So in another ditch to get the most out of your Android device, here’s a list of highly recommended games that would cause you more drained batteries than ever before.

In no particular order…

Shoot The Birds

Have you ever noticed how those scarecrows you often see in the fields are getting bullied the heck out of them with those crows that swoop all over the place? Well, if you feel sympathy for those scary fellas, then this is the perfect game for you. Read more and download.

Hard Lines HD

So we mentioned earlier how many of us were hooked to “Snake” during its hay days. Then imagine taking that game and beef it up with some steroids or something and mix some fancy neon-colored chaos and you got Hard Lines HD. Read more and download.


Many were hooked to the concept of birds out of anger management classes trying to take down some pigs beneath weird structures. So it’s only logical that other games will utilize the same concept to an extent. Read more and download.

Sleepy Jack

When we say kids have the wildest imaginations… they probably do. Take Jack, your typical kid who sleeps at night then starts shooting at things! Ok it’s not a gritty game or anything but that’s basically the premise. Read more and download.

Clowning Around

Clowns do the weirdest of things, and playing a game that involves clowns that do the silly stuff isn’t bad at all. In clowning Around, you are essentially given puzzles where each clown is bound by a chain in one way or another and you have to cut these chains such that each clown falls to the corresponding barrel of water. Read more and download.



Those trigger-happy people out there would probably find this game as a gem. Here you play bounty hunter John Slade, assigned to infiltrate enemy territory which more often than not, expects you coming. Read more and download.

Minecraft – Pocket Edition

If you’re looking for a world-building game to test your craft and creativity to use elements here and there, then this is for you. Coming from the PC version, some were skeptical that the transition to the touch-based mobile platform would render it impossible to port but here we are and it is amazing. Read more and download.

Guns n’Glory WW2

Here’s a fun tower defense game that will force you to apply what you leaned in history class… somewhat. Guns n’Glory brings you to the infamous period of World War 2 where you can control either the Allied Forces or the Axis Powers to shoot the heck out of them. Read more and download.

Great Little War Game

If you think that a war-based tower defense game is a little too easy for you, then you might as well go on to a full turn-based strategy game — and the Great Little War Game is one such title. Read more and download.

Puffle Launch

Here’s something cute to cap off this list. Remember when you used to play (or just play) Sonic games and you have to collect rows and rows of rings? Read more and download.