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Android phones break more often than iPhones and Blackberries –blame the hardware and users, not the OS

After looking on some reports that “Android phones are more prone to breaking than iPhones and Blackberries”, according to the recent study carried out by WDS. I went on digging further to clear the reports that appears to be misleading.

It’s the Hardware not Android OS

Reports shows that the unreliable and cheap hardware components of Android phones is the main reason for breaking, compared to relatively high quality and expensive hardware of iPhones and Blackberries.

Since Android OS runs on smartphones of different manufacturers it’s obvious that Google doesn’t have strict control over the hardware component quality.

It’s the User not the Android OS

“One thing we must be absolutely clear on,” says Tim Deluca-Smith, Vice President of Marketing at WDS, “is that our analysis does not find any inherent fault with the Android platform. Its openness has enabled the ecosystem to grow to a phenomenal size, at a phenomenal rate, and it’s this success that is proving challenging.”

Accordingly, Mobiledia report tells Google plan to forge partnerships with major handset makers and carriers in an attempt to ensure consistency across Android products. This shows the relative problem with the users, “if hardware allows,” bringing to light the problems uncovered in the WDS study.

“Consumers with older, inferior smartphones attempting to upgrade to the latest version of Android may render their hardware unusable. This leads to thousands of calls to carriers, resulting in billions of dollars’ worth of returns and repairs.”

So it seems like the real problem here is the users bricking their phones, trying to root it to upgrade to a version they shouldn’t be running –yes, not the Android OS.

The WDS study also revealed a considerable repair costs to global telecom operators could increase by up to £1.25 billion or amounting to 2 billion dollars for this hardware failures.