Steve Jobs’ Biography: “I’m going to destroy Android”

It wasn’t only the future of television was obtained in Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography, as early copy was handed to Associated Press, it reveals Steve’s daring desires “to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product.”

I will spend my last dying breath if I need to, and I will spend every penny of Apple’s $40 billion in the bank, to right this wrong,” Jobs said. “I’m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product. I’m willing to go thermonuclear war on this.

Jobs told Isaacson, that HTC’s introduction of an Android smartphone back in 2010 that shared many iPhone’s features was considered to be “grand theft.”

In relation, Jobs met with Google’s Eric Schmidt later and told he wasn’t interested in settling for any amount money. “I want you to stop using our ideas in Android, that’s all I want.” Jobs told Schmidt.

So don’t be surprised if you’ll see lawsuits which includes Apple, HTC and Samsung –the war have started from the day Android was introduced as a mobile platform.

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