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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Samsung Galaxy S II shatters iPhone 4S in a drop test

Have you ever wonder how the new iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy S II will do in a drop test? You shouldn’t be shock or it isn’t a big surprise at all, mainly the gravitational pull merely favored the build of GS2. We got the a classic match here, same as we’ve shown on for an epic invisible iPhone 5. Hold your iPhone 4S tight before checking out Galaxy S2 deals  for a change of mind —-drop-test video awaits after the break.

Obviously, Samsung GS2 will fare better than iPhone 4S in a drop test, considering a much lighter plastic body while fitted with Gorilla glass front screen panel. Unlike the iPhone 4S, most likely the solid metal frame and glass will hit the concrete floor in a much force causing it to shatter either the front and back glass panel. The considerable weight difference is about 20 grams from weights of 117g and 137g for the iPhone 4S and Samsung GS2, respectively.

However, we can’t just settle on durability, sure enough the Galaxy S II may pronounced to be an instant winner. But as many fanboys have seen it, the iPhone 4S was a pure balance of elegant style and sophisticated software.

Now if you think you don’t want the fragile iPhone 4S, there are lots of other Android phones not just the GS2, you just need to decide to get it with the right plan.