Farm life with the new Galaxy 10.1, isn’t too bad at all

Here we’re again talking about Sammy’s 10.1 Android tablet latest flagship with the new Galaxy Tab 10.1. Superior in its 10.1-inch widescreen(1280×800) and relentless in multitasking with split screen support –powered by a 1GHZ dual-core NVIDIA Tegra processor that utilized 1GB of RAM. You’ll also get the juices of the one of the most powerful open platform on earth with the latest Android Honeycomb. This tablet could be a game-changer in the tablet market, not to mention could be in life of others.

Corporate and farm life are totally different thing. Waking up at 4am, cleaning out stables; life on a farm isn’t for the faint of heart —-unlike taking your hot cup of coffee in a lazy chair while comfortably taking a break out of your computer. That’s why this year Mitch Manikowski has decided to take his employees to one for their annual corporate retreat. However, with the new Galaxy 10.1 farm life isn’t too bad at all!

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