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Android vs. iOS: Either Say a Lot About Your Personality [Infographic]

Feels like reading a horoscope projection on what personality you might show off today defending on your birth month, ooh and how about projecting it using your own smartphone’s OS? How? The Hunch carried out surveys and compiled the interesting data to features an infographic that entails the personality of Android and iOS users. Now, do you think you belong to the “pessimistic and cheap” or “optimistic and wealthy”? So don’t stay too much here, we got the infographic –find out more after the break.

Accordingly, interesting facts gathered from the surveys done by Hunch massively picked 80 million responses that makes that deeper look on the personalities between the users of the two mobile platforms. So can you tell where you belong, to the aforementioned question? Android users appeared to be  pessimistic and cheap while the iOS belongs to the optimistic and wealthy users. Check out pretty surprising results on the inforgraphic below, please tell us where you belong?

Android vs iOS User Personalities

Source – Hunch