Android Ice Cream Sandwich pictures leaked

Ooh, who brought out the Ice Cream Sandwich out of Google’s freezer, are they not afraid on melting it? Melting as it finally hit the tech-community as a very hot topic, though it might have been slightly flavored with salt. According to Engadget via Android Police and RootzWiki, the leak seems to be plausible. It features screenshot of a Nexus S running a Gingerbread UI-like in a blue-ish theme, with notable four-icon dock instead of the original three. The report also suggested that most of the changes are mild but sports functionality already introduced in the Honeycomb version of Android OS. Engadget also added that the camera app will have panorama mode and Gmail app is said to go with the design of the Sandwich. We got one more shot after the cut check it out.

Read – Engadget via Android Police, RootzWiki

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