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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android 40% Share of US Mobile Subscribers Mapped by States

ComScore report claims that Android continues to top 40-percent of U.S. mobile subscribers. And as we see, wouldn’t it be arguably interesting if we could mapped that percentage across the U.S. states? Gladly, before we speak –Jumptap a mobile ad network have just plotted a color-coded chart to show which mobile platforms are popular by state and it’s patiently waiting after the cut.

South and Southwest regions were tagged for majority Android subscribers while Steve Jobs’ clan were seated on the Midwest and New England. Interestingly, the Android-favored region is the hometown Apple and Microsoft, we can’t blame them if they have to choose freedom, flash-support and expandable memory.

In addition, Blackberry surprisingly manages to catch up based on the infographic taking Northern states. There were also few neutral states that is seated just below the Android-ruled green states.

Anyways, few questions are left for us to answer, what do you think of the infographic data? Do you think your state was colored correctly?