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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Samsung Galaxy S II boasts one of the best smartphone cameras

Whoever it was had the idea to install a camera into a mobile phone was certainly some kind of genius. Today, more photographs are shot using a camera phone than are shot using a proper camera.

However, although most phones have a camera, most camera phones fall well short of what you get with even a cheap compact digital camera. Some lenses tend to be of very low quality, and the image capturing system can be decidedly second rate. Although some people are satisfied with the results they achieve from such devices, they will bring tears to anyone who enjoys real photography.

Fortunately many phone manufacturers have come to realise that it pays to add quality to the cameras that they include with their phones, but these quality cameras are only found in the higher end smartphones.

There are several features that are important if you are to capture reasonable shots with your mobile. One of these is the sensor resolution. Nowadays it is quite usual to find cameras with resolution of 5 or more megapixels. Resolution isn’t everything, but it is a good place to start.

Equally important is the quality of the lens. Some camera phone lenses are high quality and some are very poor. If you can then it is advisable to find cameras with lenses manufactured by specialist lens manufacturers.

Auto-focusing capability in a phone camera is an absolute must. Most of the shots taken on a phone tend to be taken quickly and on the fly. There simply isn’t the time (or the inclination) to accurately focus the camera and the sad fact is that, unless auto-focusing is used, the picture will be blurred.

Next on the list of important features is an LED or Xenon flash. Mobile phone cameras are often used in dimly lit surroundings and without flash great photo-opportunities are often missed.

Many phone cameras come with a wide range of additional applications such as face recognition, smile detection, scene modes and so forth, though these are more fun and useful than necessary. You do not need them in order to achieve a reasonable image.

Samsung Galaxy S II

One of the best cameras is that found on the Samsung Galaxy S II. With 8 megapixels, autofocus, LED flash, a great lens and many additional features it ticks all the appropriate boxes.

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