Google posted record Q2 earnings, activates 550K droids a day

Google have just announced substantial numbers on their earnings call. They’ve top on earnings as usual, but the most interesting is Android is growing in a rate of 550 thousands devices gets activated daily, which is crazily relentless if you know that few weeks back it was 500 thousands. The  total number of Android devices has reached to 135 million and at this fast rate we can easily predict that it’ll surpass 200 million milestone by the end of this year. The activation is cross over 400 different Android devices is out there making a rise close to 5 percent of daily activations for this quarter.

Accordingly, in a GSMArena report, we totally agree that there might be miscalculations on the number of apps downloaded versus the present numbers of Android devices. “The number of apps accessible by droids in the Market has reached 250,000 and the Market has handled 6 billion app downloads so far (a 4.5 billion number was reported just a few weeks ago, so either one number is wrong or the download rate is humongous). That makes for 44-45 app downloads per device on average. And that’s a lot – really sounds unbelievable.”

If Android have seen skyrocketed growth which positively contribute to Google overall, the internet giant 2nd quarter is truly outstanding where it posted revenue of $9.03 billion which is 32% increase compared to Q2 of last year. “Operating income for the second quarter of this year about a third of revenue, $2.88 billion, and net income was $2.51 billion (up from $1.84 billion in Q2 of 2010).”

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