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Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Samsung Galaxy S III and 4G Tablets Coming in 2012

Samsung Galaxy S 2The first half of 2012 will be big for Samsung and of course to all Samsung fans out there, there’s a news that the company is planning to released new devices by that time. Lined up are the new Samsung Galaxy S III which current version Samsung Galaxy S II is presently hitting big sales on the market and a new Galaxy Tab with 4G capability.

Sales for the Samsung Galaxy S II has been a record breaking in Asia, after it’s release it sold over a million in South Korea within the first month where 120,000 of those handsets sold within the first three days. But in spite of its great sales in the countries where it’s available, Galaxy II hasn’t made a North American debut yet, and many EU countries haven’t seen it either. And there’s a rumor that Galaxy S II will be available in the United States by third quarter of this year putting it just 6 months behind the release of the new Galaxy S III. Such fast succession may result to sales cannibalization where buyers are push not to buy Galaxy S II and just wait for its newer version.

But the if Samsung will stick to its history of announcing launch dates for devices and then releasing them first on their home country the South Korea, we can expect that Galaxy S III will be first released in Korea at first half of 2012 while the rest of the world, including the EU and North America, might wait sometime until later in 2012 before the Galaxy S III becomes available there.

On the other hand, for the Galaxy Tab, Samsung is currently coordinating with wireless carriers in South Korea and the United States to launch a 4G tablet, and if things go well we can also expect 4G tablet to debut by the first half of 2012.