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Samsung GALAXY SII unboxed while hanging off a mountain

Don’t let the aforementioned title fool you, yes, we’re not kidding when Basil Knorfli from unboxes the new Samsung GALAXY SII on hanging off a mountain. We really don’t know if this is the proper way of gathering attention to welcome one of the extremely unmatched Android device out there –extreme unboxing. You can check out the video after the break.

Interestingly, Basil done a pretty good job unboxing the Samsung Galaxy SII and presenting a detailed preview while hanging off a mountain. He brought out the Galaxy SII out of the box attached in yarn we guess for safety purposes. Initially he talked about how sleek the design that highlight the thickness, built, layout and feel. Then he turned it on and elaborately play with its Gingerbread UI while intently showing the vividness of its 4.3 Super AMOLED  display and ultimately fast touch-sensitive screen. He also talked about Galaxy SII’s 8MP camera featuring it’s competitiveness to existing rivals such the Nokia N8 and Sony Xperia Arc. It’s macro capturing capability for stills definitely catches our eyes, it’s undeniably sharp and vivid.

You can check out Samsung Galaxy SII full specification on our previous post here in Androidgeeze, and there’s no doubt why their unboxing Galaxy SII extremely –definitely to show us how extreme the handset is.

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