Android crushes iPhone in Japan smartphone marketshare

Bloomberg reports “Android currently makes up about 57% of the Japanese smartphone market while Apple clocks in at around 38% so it’s definitely a pretty substantial gap between the two. Additionally something to make note of is that Apple alone is still the most popular smartphone manufacturer in the Land of the Rising sun shipping a noteworthy 1.69 million iPhones in Japan throughout 2010.” Interestingly, this might only the start of a very heated rivalry in the smartphone arena. But we have to commend Apple for standing really tough on the end where every known manufacturers have been throwing bombs of high-end Android smartphones, yet still they have commanded the most popular smartphone. The big questions is will Apple will be able to consistently maintained it’s device throned on top? Or will it be a landslide victory for Android?

Both camp start in “A”, Apple or Android? Let’s see how things will goes on and if you’ll remember iPhone 5 with Samsung Galaxy S II could be a very interesting match up. Who’ll win, well know –hold on.

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