Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Best Android Phones, Apps and Tablets

Android Apps worth Having

While the iPhone and iPad are the acknowledged world leaders in the Smartphone and Tablet PC markets and each have a greater market share than any one single device; the operating system that is currently dominating the marketplace in which they both reside is the Android operating system.

While no one single Android device controls as much of the market as Apple and its iOS, the fact that the Android operating system can be used on devices from multiple manufacturers and networks has ensured its quick domination of this sector and it is projected that by 2013, Android will be running on almost 50% of the Smartphones in the market.

Android Apps

As Android devices have been released through all of the major phone networks, their use continues to skyrocket and the services that they support while already large continue to grow with more and more apps being developed to make use of this OS. Android Smartphones already have access to the Mobile Broadband networks in use throughout the country and as newer Tablet PCs are developed these too are able to access and utilize the Internet through the use of micro SIM cards while away from a home or office Wi-Fi connection. This means that regardless of where you go – you will always have the Internet with you and Android offers a multitude of apps to allow you to capitalize on that access.

Office and Finance –

There are many apps available on the Android market to help you with your office and financial life. From email tools that will “tie in” to your existing accounts to check books and other forms of ledgers your options are limited only by your imagination.

With both PayPal and Mint available for free on Android you are not only able to see your financial life quickly and easily but are also able to ensure that all of your bills are paid on time and tracked. As both of these apps require a connection to the Internet to work, the fact that your Android Smartphone features a real-time Mobile Broadband connection simply makes your life smoother and easier.

Recreation, Communication and Entertainment –

For the Facebook and Twitter junkies, Android has you covered. Some of the Apps available on this platform simplify your interface to both sites so much it is almost easier to read and respond to updates via your Smartphone in comparison to the website itself! And this site customization can be easily done through some powerful and flexible mobile website builder platform like Dudamobile, which is readily available and you can also be a Website reseller, if you want.

In addition to these, apps like “WhatsApp Messenger” and “TiKL – Touch To Talk” simplify the communication between different devices allowing iPhone and iPad users to communicate with their Android counterparts in a clear and seamless manner.

News and the World –

Android has apps for most of the major news providers (BBC, New York Times etc…) but also has apps for those discussions that are more freeform and social – Reddit, Digg etc… In addition, real time weather reports and the ability to subscribe to RSS feeds on the sites that interest you ensure that this device is one that you want to have ready and available at all times so that you know what is going on!

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